Social Media, Part 1: Getting a Handle on Pinterest

Okay blogging friends, a bit of a tangent (an important one I promise!). Half the battle with succeeding in a fitness business is about getting yourself out there, noticed via the multiple social platforms available (Facebook, instagram, twitter). How many of you actually considered Pinterest as a means to share and “Pin” your key posts? Thanks to my connections as a #Sweatpink Ambassador, I was able to participate in a 5 day, brief online Pinterest training to learn more about the ins and outs of this incredible platform.


I want to thank Aquablueprint for taking the time to provide this training: Here are a couple of take aways that I’d love to share with you all.

1. Use keywords, this helps drive traffic to your boards.

2. Be smart with how you present yourself, reflect who you are and what your “brand” is all about.

3. Interact frequently and genuinely

Click here to go straight to my Pinterest Board. Feel free to “pin” away.

Thanks to Aquablueprint my Pinterest page is gaining traction.

They also happily shared their PDF file which outlines many of the topics covered over the 5 day training. Check it out!

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