One Lovely Blog Award

I am totally surprised and excited to share my nomination for the …..


Nominated by fellow blogger friend, Autumn. She is a mama who writes about her everyday life with a very active toddler, her cancer journey, her son who has passed and whatever else she has on her mind. Her blog is real, honest and relatable.

This award is given to new bloggers, who have been nominated by their blogging peers. I want to thank Autumn for her continuous support and uplifting engagement on my posts! The support of my those who follow my blog is what keeps me motivated to share what’s in my heart, what really drives me!

There are two rules with accepting this award; share 7 things you may not know about me and recommend up to 15 blogs who I believe deserve this award (surely going to be a tough one!)

So let me share a bit about me:

1. We are raising my LO in a bilingual (English/Urdu), multicultural family.

2. Dogs make me nervous, in fact I use to be petrified of dogs I didn’t know. No matter how big or small (I was bitten a couple of times as a kid). I have worked hard over the years to change this, and have been quite successful! I don’t want my daughter to grow fearful of animals because of my ridiculous fear.

3. I’m OCD when it comes to making lists…. Must always make a To Do list to help stay on track! (I always have a huge sense of satisfaction as I strike things off that list… *sigh)

4. Played basketball for 10 years, grades 2-12 and loved it. I wish I would have continued in University, but I had made the decision to take the year off.

5. I haven’t read a book for pleasure since I found out I was pregnant. Well correction, I read ONLY one book, “419” over the course of my maternity leave (12 months!.  I am surprised I still remembered the plot by the end.

6. I had full intentions of being a Pharmacist in 2003, but decide 2 months before school started that I wanted to pursue a career more internationally focused.

7. Surprised myself with this one… But I am normally a worrier, a “must know everything” kind of girl, but when I found out I was pregnant my entire perspective changed. Throughout my pregnancy and after I felt it was important to be as relaxed as possible, grow more patient and recognize that we cannot always control how things are meant to go (including, labour).

Now comes the hardest part, nominating individuals, who have in some fashion touched my hear through their writing and have helped me to connect with them instantly through their writing.  I should just say that I really felt it worth sharing the following five upcoming blogs. There is only one I have include that I know very well; the others I have developed “online” friendships because I felt that I could relate to them in the stories and advice they share.

So please enjoy reading their posts, as much as I have.

1.  Splendid Life With Whitney
2. Montreal Runner Mom
3. Olivia Cagle
4. Bohemi Mum
5. Forever Fit Mom



5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. wendyistakingthelongwayhome says:

    It’s so fun to read about and learn about other bloggers! I’m starting a running book club on my blog…it would be the perfect excuse for you to pick up a book. We’re reading a really fun one this month! You can check it out on my blog Taking the Long Way Home… under the book club tab at the top!!!

    Looking forward to following you!

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