What a week …

Honesty is the best policy …

well this week just wasn’t my best! 

It all began on Sunday, waking up multiple times throughout the night because I was just so sick. Sunday plans be gone. I ended up doing the one thing that I dislike the most … sleeping during the day. I slept the entire time and drifted in and out listening to my husband and my little one laughing and playing! Maybe that’s why I kept sleeping, the warmth of their laughter was very comforting.

I ended up under the weather for two days, and even on Tuesday I felt incredibly weak. This past week I only managed to work out twice with my FFF Personal Trainer and walking to/from work (only about 1/2 the time I normally do). I got to say that sickness kicked my butt! Through of my (our) weekday rhythm, our meal planning also went out the window (but you know what, sometimes you got to have those days!).  On Wednesday, I realized why I love accountability groups — after sharing how stressed I was trying to balance it all this week, the girls reminded me to not be so hard on myself, we all have good weeks and bad weeks (this is what makes us stay focused in the longer run).

Next week will be a busy one, a real change of scenery – after this past week, I am that much more determined to say on track. Who says that you can’t eat healthy and stay fit  while travelling?

(Stay tuned for Monday’s post on doing just that)


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