Good bye January … Hello February

So, here we are at the end of January! How many of you made New Years Resolutions, and have already back tracked on your 2015 promises? I don’t personally believe in resolutions (I stopped making them a long time ago), often I would break them or forget and at the end of the year was way too hard on myself for having not done better the year past. I like to look for ways to make a difference in my life and others, changes that will be lifelong (of course, no one is perfect and sometimes it takes a bit longer for these changes to stick).

One of my big changes this year is to continue strengthening my fitness and health journey and educating myself and my family by making important modifications to the way we live, eat and exercise. How many of you feel the same?

As of today, several ladies and I will work together to keep each other accountable, we will share work out ideas, recipes and keep each other motivated throughout the winter months! 

If you are interested in joining my next group please email me at


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