Fitness Friday Electronic Diary Update

January 30, 2015: My husband and I successfully kept active each day this week with a combination of PIYO (amazing!) (he attended spinning classes) and personal training sessions at Free Form Fitness that both my husband and I have decided to take to get our butts into gear and to learn proper form.

Boy, who would have thought that I have been doing lunges incorrectly! By widening my stance it helped to take the pressure of my knee cap and made them way easier and comfortable (I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the feeling I get from doing lunges and squats!).

We were on top of our meal prep this week and as a result ate fairly healthy! Shakes for breakfast, and your standard lunches and dinners. Delicious! (except we ate fast food tonight, but you know what, once in a while who cares! just makes us appreciate this lifestyle modification we are undertaking).

wpid-wp-1421339992544.jpeg wpid-wp-1421340003199.jpeg

I even had to go shopping this evening for new pants (3rd time since I returned to work in May). Here’s to a healthy, fit and fun weekend!

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