My Diary … going public!

10868184_914564928575218_7444954570913291560_nHere is my electronic fitness diary of sorts. Of course I have started my journey months ago, but let me bring you up to speed fairly quickly. While I was pregnant I put on 60lbs (much of it in the 10 days I was overdue), and it wasn’t even that I let myself go or thought I could eat whatever I wanted.  I was very careful, but having gone off work 6 weeks early for medical reasons I was not forced to walk by 4.5 km to and from work, and I didn’t feel much like exercising so naturally I gained weight and retained water.  Fast forward, a year later, I was heading back to work and having a hard time shaking the last 15 lbs. It didn’t matter what I would do or how much I tried to get back to my old self I just couldn’t seem to do it.  Through online channels I became acquainted with Fit Pregnancy and Parenting Amanda Tress and she told me not to focus on the scale but more on becoming the strongest I can be and the “best version of you”.

I remember distinctly telling her that I was not expecting to lose the remaining weight but that I just wanted to be comfortable with my new “mommy body” (specifically the mommy tummy!).  She convinced me that she could help me reach my goal and not to be so quick to assume I couldn’t get back to where I was, she certainly was positive that she could help. Within 8 weeks of changing my diet, modifying what I put into my body and pinpointing exactly what my body likes and dislikes I was able to loose the weight.

So today, here I am sharing my ongoing fitness journey. Diary form, short and sweet because the details or my transformation won’t always be interesting and at times I will plateau (this is okay) I’ll just need to shake it up a bit! So join me as I work to further transform my body and soul and become the “best version of myself”.

January 27, 2014: Prep is underway for my 6:30am personal training session at Free Form Fitness. My hubby had his first lesson and it was all about challenges and testing your limits. Wish me luck!

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