Tuesday Treats – Gluten Free Crispy Chicken

Gluten Free Crispy Chicken


So my husband and I over the years have become way more health conscious and have tried our hand at a variety of different diet modifications. I say modifications because it was not really about losing weight quick, but more about finding the right foods for our bodies, the foods that our bodies could digest, and that would keep our metabolism going strong (not slow it down). We want whatever changes we make to be lasting and not just trendy.

Recently, we blew our families minds by preparing a version of fried chicken without the frying and in fact without the cornflake crust. How? Well it was easy, we substituted the normal coating with cooked toasted quinoa and did the typical shake and bake process. We added our own seasonings, including fresh herbs to give the chicken some flavour. The whole process, while there are many steps was fairly straight forward.

CHECK It Out! Delicious Chicken, Gluten Free!

Step 1:

Cook 1 ½ cups of quinoa (red or white or a combination) according to the cooking instructions (I actually really like to prepare this the night before so that it’s ready and dry – takes less time to toast).

Step 2:

Place the cooked quinoa on a baking tray (to prevent sticking use parchment paper). Your oven should be at 375 degrees Celsius and toast until crispy (approximately 20 mins or so). I will also sometimes add salt.

Step 3:

Once cooled, put your quinoa into a large freezer bag. Sometimes we will split it in half and make two different seasonings (e.g., spicey and mild) to ensure that it is toddler approved! Now at this stage go crazy! Add whatever seasoning you desire, we will sometimes add cayenne spices; you could even add Indian masala’s. Don’t feel limited, and get creative!

Step 4:

Place your chicken breast (or legs/thighs) into the bag and shake. We will sometimes dance to our favourite song as a way to entertain our daughter while we cook. Definitely keeps her engaged!

Step 5:

Now it’s time to cook! Place your seasoned chicken on a baking tray (I also prefer to use parchment paper here as well), and bake at 375 degrees Celsius for approximately 40 mins. I will flip the chicken at 20 mins to ensure that it is crispy all over. Be sure that your poultry is cooked, and be sure to double check that it is cooked and don’t be afraid to keep it in for a 5-10 mins to be sure. No one likes undercooked chicken!

We like to also cook up some sweet potato “coins” or prepare a delicious simple side salad. Both options will really compliment the chicken! I even do Mason jar lunchs sometime! Enjoy!

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