Did you ever wonder what your refrigerator and its contents say about you?

I think it reflects a lot more than we think. A fridge and the way it is organized (or not) is very personal. How many times do we apologize for opening our fridge in front of others and it is messy, disorganized or something has spilled?

What’s in our fridge reflects our habits, the way we fuel our bodies. Everyone’s will look different and the choices we make will also be different and that’s okay! We all live busy lives and we can’t be too hard on ourselves, if our fridge or our choices aren’t perfect, and even if we decide to take the easy route for meal prep one day (stay tuned for a post on “How to Effectively Plan For The Week Ahead!) — that’s okay!

What’s important is to ensure balance and to be sure that we have a healthy balance of the “right things” like protein, veggies and fruit (to name a few).  That the foods we choose to put into our bodies help us on along our path of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Here’s what mine looks like today (while actually two days ago)? What about yours? (as you can, there is always room for improvement … but I can’t help but be curious as to how it will change over the next few weeks, months and year as I learn more, share with others and continue to improve my families approach to a healthy wellbeing.

One thought on “#stopdroprefridgerate

  1. Reona Turcotte says:

    The fridge certainly does say a lot about ‘who’ we are because of ‘what’ we eat…great connection to what’s inside our fridge to what’s inside us.

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