The life of a lady who likes to ” go go go” …

What does it mean to slow down? I’m not sure those words are really even part of my vocabulary.

If someone were to describe me, they would say “she is always on the go!”

I would think they would also say I am someone who never wants to “miss out”. I don’t think they would mean this in a negative sense, but more along the lines that I always need to be involved/plugged in (kind of like Perez Hilton) to whatever activity, event, life change or milestones that is taking place.

My family and friends would tell you not much has changed since I was young. So many memories of running across a playground to investigate an incident or activity taking place in another part of it. I have a difficult time sitting idle– in fact I really don’t know what it means to relax or slow down (I am my mother’s daughter you see).

We wake early, sleep late, and are always preparing or planning for the next thing.

As a family we are constantly on the move. When the weekend comes to the end, we always say the same thing —  “next weekend, lets just relax!” That next weekend rolls around and we are at it again – social engagements, shopping, cleaning, pinterest”ing”, last minute trip to Toronto and the list goes on.  (I am in fact, a parent that will do anything for their child, make anything, plan anything — yes yes I know she is only 19 months old! but I feel like it helps build character, provide experiences and exposure to new and creative things.)

In our defence our busy schedule does also translate to key family time — swimming,  gymnastics and play dates with friends.


While some of you might say that this will have a lasting impact on our daughter, that she will never know what it means to just “chill” or be a child who can sit quietly and play.  I would have to agree to disagree. I think as one of her most important figures in her life, it teaches her so many important life lessons, and teaches her early on the importance of family, support, commitment and for all those crazy parties I plan … how to be creative and welcoming.

Surprisingly, she has also taught me (us) a few key lessons, including the importance of slowing down. She communicates quite effectively when she doesn’t want to do something, when she would rather cuddle on the couch and read a story or play quietly with her play castle.

I will always be one of those eager and pro-active individuals that other people will occasionally roll their eyes at and question why I must always “go go go.” Rarely will you hear me complain, rarely will I say that I am tired. “Being always on the go” is just who I am… this energy runs through my blood.

Honesty, who really knows why.  But that’s just me! It’s in my genes (and probably hers). 


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