Here is a story that might sound familar ….

Hey all you mamas and papas,

I have a story to tell. It might sound familiar…


So there once was a little darling, whose parents worked effortlessly to sleep train and put on a routine. “Wow” they would say, “she loves her routine, sleeps well at night…” and then one day, it seemed to all change. The little darling overnight became far more independent, liked to test parental boundaries, and would often wait for a reaction. The parents lay listening at night to her calls and requests. Her diaper would be fresh; her belly would be full and her room temperature perfect. “What could it be?” they would ask… “What did we do wrong?”… So many questions flood their minds.

The clock strikes 3am, and the darling falls back asleep …. Sound asleep, as if she had never made a boo … peaceful, content and cozy. Tossing and turning … mind wandering and trying to figure out all the things that could have possibly gone wrong at bedtime, to have made the night go so wrong.

**insert sigh

The alarm clock rings and before you know it the parents are back at it again.

Sound familiar? How do you deal? What are the tips and tricks that worked for you to get your baby toddler back on track? Those parents who tell us that their baby just goes to sleep; no problems, not a stir or a peep… is it true?

Happy Tuesday online Friends.


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